5 Things to Bring When Hiking

January 26, 2024
Tofte Outdoor Adventures

Top 5 Things to Bring When Hiking

1. Proper Footwear

Your footwear is arguably the most important piece of gear you'll bring on a hike. A good pair of hiking boots or shoes will provide support, traction, and protection from the elements. Look for shoes that are comfortable, durable, and provide good ankle support. It's also important to break in your shoes before your hike to prevent blisters and discomfort.

2. Navigation Tools

It's essential to have navigation tools like a map, compass, and/or GPS device when hiking outdoors. These tools will help you stay on the right trail and avoid getting lost. Be sure to bring a map of the area you'll be hiking in, and familiarize yourself with the route before you start your hike.

3. Hydration System

Staying hydrated is crucial when hiking outdoors, especially in hot weather or at high elevations. A hydration system like a hydration bladder or water bottles will help ensure you have access to water throughout your hike. Be sure to bring enough water for the length of your hike, and consider bringing a water filtration system or purification tablets if you'll be hiking in an area without access to clean water.

4. First Aid Kit

Accidents can happen when hiking outdoors, so it's important to bring a basic first aid kit. A good first aid kit should include items like bandages, gauze, antiseptic wipes, and pain relievers. It's also a good idea to bring any personal medications you might need.

5. Sun Protection

Hiking outdoors often means exposure to the sun, so it's important to protect yourself from harmful UV rays. Bring sunscreen with at least SPF 30, sunglasses, and a hat or other protective headwear. Don't forget to reapply sunscreen throughout your hike, especially if you're sweating or swimming.

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