Behind the Scenes of Tofte Trails: Building Unique Cabins in the Heart of Nature

January 26, 2024
Tofte Outdoor Adventures

Building Unique Cabins in the Heart of Nature

Tofte Trails is a place where nature and relaxation come together to create a haven of peace and rejuvenation. From the trickling stream just beyond the 10ft custom glass slider doors, to the forest bursting with life, and the warm glows of the sun setting over mighty Lake Superior just beyond the trees, there is something truly magical about this place.

But building in such an extreme climate is no easy feat. All build projects come with stress, but building anything on the North Shore only amplifies that tight feeling in your gut. The team at Tofte Trails are no strangers to the hiccups and delays that come with building, and Mother Nature certainly doesn't make it any easier.

Despite these challenges, the team at Tofte Trails continue to push forward, pivoting and dancing around the ‘can nots’, working towards solutions and what they can do. One of their favorite books to turn to during stressful moments is ‘The Obstacle is the Way’. These wise pages remind them that the only way forward is right through the heart of the obstacle, no matter how difficult it may be.

Building in such an extreme climate teaches patience, grit, grace, and an understanding that you and your ‘problems’ are not a priority. Mother Nature runs this beautiful Earth, and in order to continue in peace, you must join her slow rhythm. Fighting it will only cause heartache and turmoil.

Despite these challenges, there has been so much progress since the custom glass windows and 10ft sliding doors finally arrived safely at Tofte Trails. All 5 cabins now have all the glass installed, and it’s a very good day!

The team at Tofte Trails are hoping to open their calendar soon to their email list to start booking stays in August 2023. They cannot wait to share this special place and these unique cabins with their guests.

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