Fika Coffee

Fika Coffee

Fika Coffee is the perfect destination for a morning pick-me-up or an afternoon treat in Lutsen. After enjoying a delicious cup of coffee, guests can return to Tofte Trails to relax in one of our cozy cabins.

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Discover the Best Coffee in Tofte

Fika Coffee is a cozy and inviting coffee shop that offers visitors a unique coffee experience in Tofte. The coffee shop is known for its locally roasted and ethically sourced coffee beans, as well as its commitment to serving fresh and delicious coffee.

In addition to its delicious coffee, Fika Coffee has a welcoming and friendly atmosphere that makes visitors feel at home. Visitors can enjoy the cafe's selection of baked goods and pastries, as well as its outdoor seating area during the warmer months. Whether you're a solo traveler looking for a cozy spot to read a book or a group of friends looking for a place to catch up, Fika Coffee has something for everyone.

Try superior coffee shop on Lake Superior in Lutsen!
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