Gitchi Gami State Trail

Gitchi Gami State Trail

Immerse yourself in the captivating beauty of Lake Superior as you explore the Gitchi Gami State Trail, an 89-mile, non-motorized, paved trail.

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Paved Paradise: Explore the Gitchi Gami State Trail from Tofte Trails Resort

Experience the awe-inspiring beauty of Lake Superior as you traverse the Gitchi Gami State Trail, taking in the panoramic vistas, picturesque lighthouses, and rugged cliffs along the way. This scenic trail also provides numerous opportunities to spot diverse wildlife and explore historic sites, making it a captivating journey for nature lovers and history buffs alike.

Visiting the Gitchi Gami State Trail offers numerous benefits for both the body and the mind. As you embark on this scenic journey, you'll reap the rewards of physical activity, while simultaneously connecting with the mesmerizing beauty of the surrounding landscape. It's the perfect setting for a revitalizing escape or a fun-filled family adventure.

Hike over 33 miles on Gitchi-Gami State Trail
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