Java Moose Coffee

Java Moose Coffee

This family-owned coffee shop has been fostering community and camaraderie for over 20 years, providing a welcoming space for locals and visitors alike.

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Savor the Flavor of Community

Just a short drive from Tofte Trails, you'll find Java Moose Coffee nestled in the harbor town of Grand Marais. This family-owned and operated coffee shop has been a cherished fixture of the community for over two decades, providing not only exceptional coffee but also a welcoming space that fosters connection and camaraderie. Step inside and instantly feel the warmth of the friendly atmosphere, as the aroma of freshly brewed coffee embraces you.

At Java Moose Coffee, it's about more than just satisfying your caffeine cravings; it's about becoming a part of their vibrant community. For over 20 years, locals and visitors alike have found solace and friendship within the walls of this cozy coffee shop, creating a network of connections that extends far beyond the boundaries of Grand Marais.

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