Winery and Brewery

Winery and Brewery

Experience the rich flavors of the North Shore at Tofte Trails Resort, your gateway to local delights like the renowned North Shore Winery and Voyageur Brewing Company.

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Sip, Savor, and Unwind: North Shore Winery and Voyageur Brewing Company

At North Shore Winery, indulge in exquisite red and white wines crafted from grapes grown in California and Minnesota. For a refreshing change of pace, the Sawtooth Mountain Cider House, located on-site, produces tempting hard ciders made from locally-grown Minnesota apples. This delightful winery offers a true taste of the North Shore, providing a memorable experience for wine and cider enthusiasts alike.

A visit to Voyageur Brewing Company in Grand Marais is another must for any craft beer lover. Enjoy a cold, tasty brew made with water from Lake Superior in their welcoming taproom, or take advantage of the summer weather and relax on their rooftop patio or deck, offering stunning views of the Grand Marais Harbor. Quench your thirst and satisfy your hunger with a mouthwatering selection of appetizers, including sliders, tacos, flatbread, and cheese curds.

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